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Electrical Services

By your friendly local Electricians servicing from the Mornington Peninsula to Inner East Melbourne

A well-functioning electrical system is crucial for any home environment, ensuring comfort, safety and functionality for home occupiers.

At Modern Electrical Group we’re able to perform a range of services to get your home’s electrical system functioning at its best.

We encourage energy efficiency and we also offer our increasingly popular electrical energy audit service, which involves evaluating your property to determine whether it’s running as efficiently as possible or suggesting alternative lighting and electrical products as well as solutions that might be worth considering. These audits can result in huge savings on electricity bills, as well as less overall energy expenditure for your home. Many of our customers also use this service for their investment properties or holiday homes, to make sure buildings are running as efficiently as possible even when rented out or uninhabited.


With a broad range of experience in fault finding and repair work, we have a qualified team to assist with any fault or emergency to ensure your property is compliant and safe at all times.

Lighting Specialists

Is your lighting design failing to spark joy? Modern Electrical Group will overhaul your illumination to create the perfect ambience for your space.

Lighting has been proven to affect mood and productivity, so we believe it’s definitely worth engaging with a professional to get it right! At Modern Electrical Group, we have access to a huge range of fixtures, globes and accessories, and can work with you to achieve the look and style you have in mind in both interior and exterior environments. A considered lighting design should be about so much more than simply making sure visibility is adequate. We take the time to work out how our lighting can support the natural light sources within a space, how it will enhance certain features and diminish others, and how the design will affect overall mood and functionality.

Lighting choices can often be made hastily and last minute when it comes to new builds or renovations, even though we consider it to be one of the most important visual elements. Let us obsess over getting it right so you don’t have to!

Lighting, wire and installation work by Modern Electrical Group.

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