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Bathroom Upgrade Elements

The middle of winter in Melbourne generally calls for soups, slippers, beanies and a good cup of tea! It gets cold and while it may be lovely to enjoy a nice hot shower to warm the bones, getting out of the shower on to a damp bathmat and towel that hasn’t dried since the last use is not fun!

Bathroom LED lighting

The bathroom and ensuite are noticeably the coldest rooms of the house – moisture thrives and unfortunately so can mould when given the opportunity to grow in consistently wet, unventilated areas.

So how can we improve our comfort levels and add functional elements to help?

We have a few product install tips that may be of interest in your next home improvement plans.

#1 - A good exhaust fan

To prevent condensation build up that develops from steam and heat in your bathroom, we recommend having an exhaust fan above any other element. Whilst new air needs to be welcomed in from an open window or doorway to have your chosen exhaust fan perform at its best, the combined circulation will greatly assist in eliminating the humid air before it settles as water particles and for the long term – may very well prevent your structural make up from rotting away.

There are many designs and sizes of exhaust fans and we can assist you with deciding on optimal placement that will depend on the size of your bathroom. When choosing an exhaust fan, we recommend basing your decision on functionality and suitability to the size of your room rather than what is aesthetically pleasing. A small exhaust fan in a large space will have little impact so if you plan on purchasing your own fan, be sure to measure up your bathroom to make a suitable, quality purchase according to the fans capacity limits.

#2 - Heated towel rails

A luxury addition with practicalities. With many space saving options on the market with various styles, swivel abilities, colours and sizes – heated towel rails are efficiently designed to run on a low wattage. A naked rail will heat to approximately 35 degrees and with a towel insulating the rails – this temperature rises to approximately 50 degrees, which is a nice warm hug. If your towels have a tough time drying in a cold bathroom, a heated rail will provide the perfect solution and a touch of elegance to your space.

#3 - Under floor heating

When deciding on elements for your new build or bathroom renovation, you may like to consider adding electric under floor heating. Suitable to all floor types, this optional extra is Comfort with a capital ‘C’. No noise, safe and durable. It delivers an even spread of warmth from the floor upwards eliminating any cold pocket areas. Electric under floor heating has less install components compared to hydronic and can be controlled by a thermostat, making them more energy efficient to control.

#4 - Heated lights

Heat lamps in the bathroom provide fast, instant heat so are a great addition for freezing mornings or to encourage the kids to get out of the bath with comfort. A common installation choice is the 3-in-1 heater, exhaust fan and light combo which makes for a more compact ceiling placement in a small room.

These days, the heater lights have become more energy efficient with LED lamps and have a longer lifespan. They are a cost effective solution to have 3 functional elements operating from the one unit (but not necessarily at the same time). There is no need to waste energy on pre-heating your bathroom as these heat lamps provide immediate warmth to you when stepping out of the shower.

#5 - Other lighting

Transform your bathroom with a light-lift to achieve warmth in ambience and modern design. From task lighting solutions such as LED downlights to pendants for accents, there is so much to choose from! One of our favourites is strip lighting under the vanity and backlit mirrors. LED strip lights do wonders in enhancing a space and are popular because of their compact design and flexibility.

They are energy efficient and provide gentle illumination when placed at low levels such as under the vanity – perfect for those middle of the night toilet trips when you don’t want the overhead lights straining your half-asleep eyes!

If you are looking at renovating your bathroom or adding some additional electrical elements, Modern Electrical Group will provide you with a free quote and complimentary 10-Point Safety Check when the works are carried out.

Reach out to chat to us today about your bathroom electrical. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

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