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USB Charging Points - What You Need To Know

Rewiring your home or adding some powerpoints? If you are unsure on what to consider now that your home is over-run with various devices, read on for our tips on how to choose.

USB charging ports have been around for quite some time now and look exactly the same as your standard powerpoint, just with the addition of USB ports so that you can directly charge your devices without the need for an AC adaptor. This not only gives you the convenience of not having to play musical powerpoints with your appliances, it also allows for much faster charging..

The AC adapter is now a thing in the past and no longer come hand in hand with most of your new packaged devices; the direction that device manufacturing companies are taking to do their bit for the environment. As a result we are seeing (in mid 2023) a transition through USB type connectors...USB-A, USB-C and Lightening connectors. The newer phone models are coming out with USB-C connectors while the older ones with life left in them are using A. The good news is that the dual USB powerpoints come in a variety of choices so that you can cater for both. Keep in mind though, the USB-A is being phased out so we forsee the need for USB-C moving forward. Europe has passed a legislation change which means that by 2024 all devices will need to have a universal USB-C connector which has affected the Australian market, naturally.

So what are the benefits of a USB Powerpoint?

  • They charge much faster, as they have 3 times the amount of power than your standard wall outlet

  • They take up less space, no more bulky AC adaptors that over-heat and don't serve the environment

  • More durable solution - a direct connection from power to your device without a potentially faulty powerbank/adapter attached

  • Increased safety - less overloading of a powerpoint when splitting the power sources

And while installing a USB powerpoint is a quick change over for a licensed electrician, it is not for the DIY Guru!

Reach out to chat to us today about your USB Powerpoint additions. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

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