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Planning for your Electrical Works

We all say it…where has the year gone? Spring has sprung so with more motivation to potter around in the sunshine… it is also the perfect time to get those things done around the house that you have been talking about all winter.

LED mirror and heated towel rail

It’s time to get organised, get your ‘to-do-list’ finalised and take action!

Are you getting a pool installed? Heading away over summer and needing to have peace of mind with a security system to access remotely? What about those pendants, are they still in the box? Does your investment property need some electrical repairs before the new year or pending sale?

Book in

Now is the time to book in and secure your preferred date for electrical works leading up to Christmas so if you are wanting to get the alfresco speaker and lights sorted or electrical additions on your new build…maybe you are replacing the oven because the Christmas lunch gathering is on you this year…whatever the need, we want to be able to accommodate your requests in advance without you having significant wait time.

Get organised

Your friendly electricians at Modern Electrical Group recommend some things you can do to prepare for your contact and subsequent site-works visit from us.

Take a tour of your home. Note down any additions, alterations to set up and potential issues. Think about: Powerpoints – while walking through each room take note of your points. Are they servicing your needs? Does the vacuum cleaner reach all areas of your house? Do you find yourself using powerboards or double adaptors in a certain area where it would be a safer solution to add another powerpoint? Have you switched your lights over from halogen to LED for a more sustainable and cost effective set up? Do you have enough task lighting in the kitchen and office?

Are lights flickering? Is your power short circuiting every time you use the microwave? Let us know of any issues that you are experiencing so that we can assess your current circuit load. Summer is nearly upon us so it’s also a good time to think about the outdoors. Do you have access to a weatherproof powerpoint outside? Needing a fan in the alfresco to help circulate the hot air and keep those pesky insects away!

We are always happy to provide a quote in advance and accommodate for stages of work rather than completing your project all at once.

Let's get started

We pride ourself on being reliable and efficient with every client. Customer satisfaction is highly important to us so if you have plans for your home that require electrical input, be sure to reach out to us and we will assist you with your project, hassle free every time!

Reach out to chat to us today about your electrical plans. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

Stair light install

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