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Benefits of a Home Electrical Inspection

Many people contact an electrician for works as a reactive response to a fault or other electrical issue in the home though when everything seems to be running fine and dandy, we don’t give our home electrical wiring a second thought do we?

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Arranging an electrical inspection on your home may not be something you have considered until now but rather than waiting for a hazard to grow into a costly problem, you can put a preventative measure in place to maintain the efficiency and safety expectations of your home electrical components by having an annual check in.

We offer a 10-Point Safety Check on your home which is an assessment of your wiring, switchboard, power points, earthing, lighting and whether your home is still adhering to the relevant electrical safety standards.

Our team will thoroughly inspect any concerns you have, common risks or abnormalities and provide you with a written outcome from the site visit as well as our friendly recommendations for if repairs are needed or there are more sustainable options you may wish to consider.

Our top five reasons for arranging a residential electrical inspection are:

#1 - To maintain safety

Our electrical team can identity potential hazards eg. Overloaded circuits, old wiring issues, damaged wiring or switches and prevent the likelihood of an electrical fire, electrocution and property damage. If dangerous situations are not addressed this can and does result in loss of life, loss of property and costly outcomes.

#2 - Reducing costs

Are you living in an older house? Are your electrical bills through the roof? Thankfully there are many power saving options to be explored, including smart automation and energy efficient product choices. Once we are able to establish the capacity and health of your circuits, we can provide you with recommendations on sustainable options suitable to your home.

#3 - Addressing malfunctions

Is something causing your power to trip? Is your safety switch flicking into action regularly? Is your electricity bill surging in an unusual way? Overheating power sources? These are all common reasons that something might not be right and needs your attention.

#4 - Renovating or buying a property

So you have all of these plans for new lights, appliances and automations but can your home handle it with the current circuit capacities? Before you lock in your final purchases consider getting an inspection. Older homes with original wiring were not designed to cater for today’s energy load so to prevent overloading issues in your brand new kitchen (or worse), get it checked out before hand.

In addition, we also recommend an inspection when purchasing a property. A licensed electrician can provide a more in-depth analysis than a regular building inspection caters for with electrical components.

#5 - Meeting Victorian Electrical Standards

A licensed electrician cannot provide a certificate of compliance unless they have physically installed and tested all installation work. By doing so, they are confirming that all electrical work has been carried out in accordance with the current Electricity Safety Regulations.

So there is absolutely no room for DIY electrical work at home! During the electrical inspection we will check that your switchboard and earthing systems are all up to the recommended standards.

Reach out to chat to us today about an electrical inspection for your property. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

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