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Educating Children about Electrical Safety

Can you recall yourself saying "don't touch the powerpoint, it's dangerous!" or "move away from the cords please!". I am sure most of us have but have you opened up a conversation about electrical safety around the home with your young ones? Do they know why you are asking them not to touch?

child playing with electrical cord

Here are our tips to educate your children about electrical safety in the home:

Have continuous conversations

The big world of "why?" and "how" and "but why?" If you are plugging in the toaster or switching off a light and you have curious eyes watching, it is a good opportunity to explain how electricity runs through our house. From the power lines to the meter box to the power point that energises the appliance - electricity may soon become important when they know what is required to charge that Nintendo Switch!

Explain the specifics

Explain the dangers and consequences in an age appropriate context such as:

  • Why electrical items should never be around water

  • Why we never touch or put anything except a plug in to a powerpoint

  • Why we switch off and unplug appliances after use eg. Hairdryers, phone chargers

  • What can happen if something does go wrong?

  • Use visual aides - YouTube or books for example. Kid's love Youtube! There are several interactive clips such as P.I Plug's Home Safety Video!

Get your kids to help you with a home safety audit. We have created a checklist for you to give to your child so that they can be in charge of the ticks (and crosses)!

Electrical injuries in children are most commonly caused by poking objects inside appliances or unused power points, or by playing with appliances so the more information they have and the more preventative measures are in place, the better for our kids.

We recommend

  • That you use childproof plugs in power sockets that are not in use

  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use

  • Don’t permit children to touch or play with electrical cords and make sure electrical cords are not dangling from benches or within your child’s reach - out of sight, out of mind!

  • Use power boards with inbuilt safety switches when plugs are unavoidably within your child’s reach - don't piggy back adapters.

‘Working’ Safety Switches are the best preventative for an electric shock so be sure to chat to us today if you need your switchboard upgraded – to protect you AND your children. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

child playing with electrical item

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