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Electrical Safety and Home Protection

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

It is the season for getaways and with restrictions in Victoria easing it is prime time to consider that next holiday destination! Working out where to go and what to pack may be high on the to-do list however electrical safety and protecting your home from unwanted visitors is something we highly recommend drawing your attention to before you set off.

Read on for our tips!

holiday getaway

Unplug your appliances

Probably the most obvious tip and one that most would be aware of is to turn off your appliances and devices and unplug them from their power source while you are away. This will reduce the risk of short-circuiting, save a little on energy consumption and prevent damages in the event of an electrical storm.


If you are considering upgrading your lighting at home then adding smart automation features is the way to go.

There are several benefits to this:

  • Being able to control lights individually and in groups – turning them on, dimming and temperature settings all done from a phone or device app

  • Setting your lights to turn on and off at certain times remotely

  • Installing a smart system that has a ‘holiday mode’ feature that will allow you to preset the dates that you are away and randomise your light activity – giving the perception that someone is home.

In addition to indoor automation another great home feature is outdoor motion sensor lighting. There are a range of options to choose from to suit your budget, style and purpose – a small investment can go a long way for home security and functionality.

Conduct a self audit outside

Before you leave for your break away it is a good idea to check around your property for any safety concerns – branches near power lines, dry leaves filling gutters and minimising outdoor power sources in use. All are hazards that can drastically inflame an electrical fire.

Check your smoke alarm

Make sure your smoke alarm is in working order before you leave because in the early stages of a fire event inside your home, this is what will alert your neighbours that something is wrong. It is also a good idea to communicate your absence with a trusted neighbour for this reason.

Invest in a security system

Although you won’t be home to keep a watchful eye on things, having a CCTV security system can provide remote access, peace of mind and evidence in the unfortunate event that your house or vehicle is targeted by thieves. Crime statistics show that such activity increases during the festive season so doing what you can to protect your home may just prevent you from being the next victim.

You will be able to check in on your home whenever you feel the need by using an app on your phone while away. With user friendly playback functions and night time vision, you won’t miss a beat. If you have a remaining vehicle at home in the driveway while you are away, it is a good idea to have a camera facing in its direction. Our friendly team at Modern Electrical Group can guide you through the remote set up process on your devices after installing your system.

So while you are planning the itinerary and looking up the resort cocktail menu make sure you have taken the steps to protect your home while you are gone – you want to arrive home to see it exactly as you left it!

Modern Electrical Group would be more than happy to provide a free quote and assessment for any protective or security features so be sure to chat to us today. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

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