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Switchboard Safety

Why it's important to know about your switchboard

Out of sight out of mind right? Your switchboard may be hidden away and all seems fine, until it isn't...

Was your house built before the 1980's? Things have changed a bit and your switchboard is getting on, so it's time to take a closer look to ensure that you, your family and your most important assets are kept safe!

Unlike 'back in the day', it is now compulsory for all Victorian new builds and large renovations to have a safety switch installed on all circuits.

Older houses may not have this life saving feature so if you are unsure or you don't have one, Modern Electrical Group, your licensed electrician would be happy to conduct an Electrical Safety Inspection on your circuits, wired smoke alarms and any other electrical equipment around your house.

It is important to think of the load that your switchboard is carrying - with all the high-tech gadgets, more time spent at home with increased power usage, heating/cooling and all of the computers and TV's - it’s the circuit breakers and fuses (also known as MCBs) that protect your equipment but it's the safety switch that protects YOU!

Safety switches work by monitoring the flow of electricity through a circuit and detecting problems as soon as the current leaves the circuit. If a problem is detected a safety switch will shut off the electricity in 0.03 seconds – quick enough to save a life or prevent costly damage.

Reach out to chat to us today about booking your switchboard inspection. We service all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula!

Before and after by Modern Electrical Group.

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